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When the Pandemic outbreak was quickly upon us, I reached out to our trusted sewing factories about converting our efforts to masks. 

We have been able to bring you the most comfortable effective masks around and have a 40% reorder rate.  People love our masks so much (well as much as you can love a mask) that they always order a duplicate set for a friend or family member.

We started out making masks in the USA in Las Vegas at our little sewing plant here, then the demand got so big we reached out to a trusted factory in Vietnam. We will be adding the country of origin in the product descriptions.

All our masks are multi layer stretch knit for easy care and comfort.  The CDC is recommending all people wear masks when in public.  The most effective non medical mask is multi layer with a soft jersey inner layer.

Why Wear a Mask?  The primary purpose of a mask is to protect others from your own contaminants should you be a virus carrier with no symptoms.  The secondary purpose is to protect you from others' possible contaminants entering your nose or mouth.

To be effective you must practice:

1. Social Distancing

2. Safe handling of the mask.  Handle the mask on and off from the ear straps. Do not touch the inner or outer surface of the mask with contaminated hands.

3. WASH YOUR MASK often with soap and water in the sink or machine wash and drip dry.

4. Wash and sanitize your hands often and Don't touch your face!

5. Keep your personal immunity up.  I recommend Echinacea, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Goldenseal, Grapefruit Seed extract, plenty of fluids and a good multi vitamin.

Remember Washable Reusable face masks for the General public are better for the environment and more economical to you. 

We hope you take that step to recapture life out and about with a mask to protect you.

Also, don't forget all our wonderful fashion items are covid promo priced at $10-15 so throw a dress in with your mask order.  

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